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Landing page





01.About the project

Folding company is a major manufacturer of interior partitions. A promising industry like no other needs the need to effectively attract new investors, users and customers. The task of WebMedia was to create a Landing page, whose design and content will be able to attract customers and investors.


02.Strategy development

WebMedia started the work process by creating a landing page for Folding and developing a strategy. We have carefully analyzed the main characteristics of the organization and its target audience.

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03.The process

After the strategy was approved, WebMedia specialists developed an attractive design taking into account the corporate style and visual identity of Folding in order to emphasize its professionalism and reliability. In addition, we have made every effort to make the landing page as user-friendly and understandable as possible. The introduction of clear "call-to-action" elements stimulated visitors to take action – from filling out a contact form to requesting additional information.



Through the joint efforts of Folding and WebMedia, an impressive and effective website has been created. Thanks to a successful strategy, attractive design and ease of use, the site received a high conversion rate, which contributed to the growth of the Folding business and strengthened its position in the market.

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