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Find out how much it costs to create a selling website and how many applications per month you can receive in just 4 steps!

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Bonus: 5 steps to promote your business online

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    Find out how much it costs to create a selling website and how many applications per month you can receive in just 4 steps!

    Bonus: 5 steps to promote your business online


    We will select the optimal solution for you based on the budget and needs of your business, referring to many years of experience and a large number of successfully implemented projects. By working with us, you save your time and money.


    These applications enable users to buy and sell goods or services through mobile devices. They can include the functions of searching for products, adding them to the cart, placing an order, as well as paying online.

    Fitness and Health
    Fitness and Health

    Mobile apps in this category are designed to track physical activity, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and other aspects of health. These can include activity tracking, workout planning, nutrition monitoring, and more.


    These applications provide the user with access to educational materials and courses on mobile devices. They can include functions for accessing video tutorials, knowledge testing, scheduling, and more.

    Travel and tourism
    Travel and tourism

    Mobile applications in this category provide the user with the opportunity to plan trips, book hotels and tickets, as well as receive information about local attractions and events.

    Stages of work


    01 . Needs analysis and assessment: icon

    At the stage of analysis and evaluation, the main goals that the customer wants to achieve using the mobile application are determined. This may include increasing sales, providing information, attracting new users, and more. Clearly defined goals will help ensure the successful completion of the project.


    02 . Preparation of technical specifications icon

    At this stage, the entire mobile application development process is structured and systematized. The main documents are being formed, including the terms of reference, the cost estimate of the project and the commercial proposal. These documents define the requirements and expectations of the customer.


    03 . Interface design: icon

    Interface design plays a key role in shaping the visual style and usability of a mobile application. At this stage, the appearance and style of the product is developed that corresponds to the brand and effectively transmits information to the target audience.


    04 . Development and programming icon

    At this stage, technical and software components are created according to preliminary documents and design. Development includes the creation of a frontend and backend, programming, testing functionality, optimization and implementation of an application management system.


    05 . Testing and optimization icon

    The stage includes testing the application on various devices and platforms in order to identify and eliminate errors and shortcomings. The application is also optimized to ensure maximum performance and ease of use.


    06 . Launch and transfer to the customer icon

    At this stage, the application is deployed on the server, final testing and training of the customer in using and managing the application, as well as placement in stores.


    Why us?


    01.Full customer support

    From the beginning of work on the project, we will provide you with a personal manager who will be in touch with you and answer all your questions, provide expert advice and, together with you, will strive for the perfection of the project.


    02.Execution of obligations

    Working with us, you receive a quality product that meets your expectations. We value our reputation and value your time, and therefore we comply with agreements, releasing your high-quality product on time.


    03.Honest price for everyone

    We strive to offer the best value for money by providing detailed estimates and explanations for each stage of the project, reflecting the actual labor costs and costs of the services provided. We are aimed at long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

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