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Our courses

Contextual advertising
  • The system of creating and setting up advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google
  • Preparation of the semantic core
  • Analytics and optimization of advertising campaigns
Web development
  • Basics of CMS systems
  • Learning the CMS WP
  • Implementation of the educational project
Web design
  • UI/UX Basics
  • Learning Figma, Photoshop Tools
  • Animation development
  • The consciousness of the educational layout
Targeted advertising
  • The system for creating and configuring Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Audience selection
  • Optimizing budgets

What will you get after the training?



This is something that cannot be bought. What makes a real specialist out of a person and helps to cope with any project in the shortest possible time.



The Web industry is developing so fast that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. In WebMedia, you can not only master a promising specialty, but also apply your knowledge in practice.



The most promising students have the opportunity to join the Webmedia team. We help everyone who has completed the training course to compile a resume and give advice on passing an interview.

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